The strategy of information


One definition of entrepreneurial strategy is about taking the risk to pursue opportunity beyond resources currently controlled, or not doing so. It's about growing the business, and managing the risk of growing the business.

Reflecting on "strategy", this word comes from ancient greek stratgi, meaning "office of a general". Also stratos means army. A general has an army of resources to organise, even to recruit, train, operate and pay for. The army has to defend the country from enemies.

In the military sense, the environment can contain what are called strategic points, each a point or region which affords an opportunity for its possessor to gain an advantage over his opponent. A mountain pass, a junction of rivers or roads, a fortress, the use of spies, outposts and scouts.

Picture a strategic line joining strategic points and you have a potential success scenario, a vision, if you like. Securing each strategic point gains an advantage.

Your competition wants to identify strategic points, and secure them. So apply strategic points to the business landscape. Each point adds value to the whole. For example, a brainstorm of strategic points may be:

Other ideas are:

     So by employing knowledge and skill, organisations plan to gain strategic points or perform strategic value activites. A position on a visionary path ought to create a forward looking business culture, motivating employees to meet growth targets, and making stakeholders happy.